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Creative and Performing Arts Workshops Urban Arts Workshops

These workshops are suitable for all ages and abilities (including adults). They are bespoke, and can be delivered in numerous ways, to suit your needs. We can organise these workshops with short notice so please get in touch.

  • Drama workshops Drama (also described as group activities) workshops cover a broad area of disciplines, to theatre and performance, to role play, comedy drama and physical theatre to name but few.
  • Japanese origami workshops Origami originated in Japan, and the word itself translates to ‘folding paper’. This art or craft is excellent for engaging people from very young to adults. Intricate, beautiful and complex designs are tackled by more able or older participants, whilst simpler designs are folded and sculpted for younger children. Japanese origami workshops work great with schools, for events and children and young people and adults of any age.
  • Crafts Crafts workshops include numerous different types. For example, a crafts workshop may involve mask making, kite making, willow sculpture, and clay model making. Other crafts genres include textile crafts using fabrics and dyes, decorative crafts such as mural making on walls and paper crafts. Jewellery making is also a popular choice.
  • recycled crafts workshops Why not book our amazing environmental crafts workshops. The materials used are either sustainably sources or we actually use recycled goods like cans, or crisp packets that children can save and we make fun items with. It’s a great way to get the environmental awareness embodied.
  • African Drumming African drumming workshops, are the ultimate group cohesion and team-work activity. Drumming workshops are cultural, and great for adults or chldren.
  • Japanese manga art Manga art is very popular with children, particularly teenagers. It’s a great way to engage people, disinterested in say an art curriculum, or just wanting to try something creative and cultural. Originating in Japan, manga art is the style found in Japanese comic books. It is often made into Japanese cartoons, or Anime.
  • Singing Singing workshops for both beginners and advanced. From school choires, to X factor style competitions.
  • Filmaking course and film production Nugent Education Ltd offer a range of film production services and / or filmmaking courses for schools, youth clubs and adult organisations or community groups. The whole film making process is learned, and a corporate quality film produced.

  • creative writing with spoken word In this project we use student led discussion, mind-mapping techniques and the global education process to get kids (children) to talk/learn about issues locally, nationally and globally then write what kind of world they want to live in. They are equipped with the skills to write and perform spoken word or basic poetry then, to perform their piece to camera.
  • workshops in school for schools We offer a wide range of workshops for schools. These include ‘in school’ curriculum enhancement workshops and after school activities for primary schools, secondary school and special schools.

Urban arts are more and more popular amongst children and young people today. These expressive art forms often work well with difficult to engage children and young people. Urban arts are a fantastic outlet for self expression, raising confidence and building self esteem, whilst enjoying, learning about and participating in a popular art form.

  • Rap and beat-boxing workshops Rapping and beat boxing is one of our most popular workshops. Hip Hop rapping and MC-ing (grime style for example) is increasingly popular with children and young people. Rap workshop participants’ get to write, practise and recite or perform their own raps. It’s great fun and can be used to discuss issues like anti-bullying, revise for exams, learn and improve literacy, and many other benefits. It is particularly useful for excluded children, young people with BESD and young people interested in music.
  • Break Dancing Urban dance, such as break dancing is popular, envigorating, dynamic and exiting.
  • DJ workshops For schools, or youth centres, DJing is popular with many children, young people and adults.

  • Hip-Hop history workshops Our hip hop history workshops, give both a verbal overview of the history of hip hop, but it also involves participation. The hip hop genre covers dj, graffiti, break dance and we teach the history with a practical demonstration of rapping and human beat boxing, or graffiti or DJ skills. This is great for schools and Colleges in terms of a music curriculum.
  • Graffiti Art workshops Try our popular graffiti art workshops, mural creation and classes are delivered by top rate professional graffiti artists.

    We often do graffiti art on a white baseball cap which participants get to take home. It may involve spraying or painting or using stencils. Graffiti art is very popular with children and young people. It's a cool, urban art and always goes well.
  • Graffiti mural art We provide top graffiti mural creator / artists to deliver group, or personal murals, for school buildings, youth centres and other centres.

    Murals have the added benefit or decorating a space.
  • Urban Music Production This music production course, with an emphasis on urban music. That is hip hop, grime, house music.
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