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Value for money charges



Please note, we work with up to thirty participants per artist / activity.

Our charges are:


  1. £130.00 for a 1 hour workshop
  • £165.00 for a 1 1/2 hour workshop
  • £195.00 for a 2 hour workshop
  • £315.00 for a full day (up to 4 or 5 x 1 hour workshops)


(NOTE: There is also a 4% administration fee and subsidised travel depending on where you are, plus materials costs for arts and crafts based workshops (depending on participant numbers)



Full day workshops get the 'best' value for money


An excellent way to save money is to first of all book artists for full days, as opposed to one hour workshops. This allows you to do workshops with five groups, for £225.00 less than booking individual hours. Some schools or youth centres co-operate with a neighbouring school or youth centre, and have an artist deliver at one venue in the morning, and a nearby venue in the afternoon.


YWA can help with funding application information


Some schools and youth centres apply for funding to access our workshops and activities.


A large number of applications now ask for other objectives to be met, alongside a given arts course. These may include elements of citizenship, key skills requirements, improving behaviour, bullying, anti-racism and so on. We can help by telling you how we can embody these objectives or initiatives within a creative arts course. The full costs and break-down of costs can also be forwarded by us to you, making the process easier and quicker.


If we become a regular supplier!


If you book are activities and workshops, and are pleased with the results, you may consider signing our non-obligation friendly contract. You must book at least one activity or workshop a month. With this, you will be able to access any of our workshops, throughout the year, for a reduced rate (each workshop reduced by up to £40.00).


Our prices do compare well with other organisations. Whats more, with access to many top artists’, such as award winning graffiti artists, one of the worlds best scratch DJ's and more. We aim to give children and young people, as well as the schools and youth organisations that book us, value for money and quality.




  • Booking artists for full days
  • Allowing us to help with elements of funding applications
  • Being a regular supplier 
  • Booking for longer ongoing projects reduces our prices
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