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6-Week Courses

These courses are bespoke, and can be tailored and made suitable for all ages and abilities. Based on six 2hr sessions, they can be adapted to fit other timetables and be done over three full days for example.

music production courses

This is by far our most popular course to date. With a Rapper, DJ, and a producer, participants get to learn to write, recite, then record and assist in the whole process of making music. All participants get a compilation CD, in a cool designed cover at the end of the session.

  • Length: 6 x 2hr sessions (weekly, or daily)
  • Artists: 1 rapper producer to lead, 1 dj for 4 sessions, and a music producer for the final two sessions.
  • Cost: £2,500.00
graffiti mural creator

Our graffiti mural course involves decorating a school, or youth centre, or any space with a large mural. With the children or young people (sometimes adults), we introduce the children to the graffiti genre and style, then plan (usually theme based) what we are going to paint, before embarking on the mural. This can be done with sprays or paints, but a small group works well.

The above mural was completed underneath a walkway in Runcorn, Cheshire. Local children’s ideas were transplanted by the artist, onto this fantastic graffiti style mural.

  • Length: usually 6 x 2hr sessions (weekly, or daily)
  • Artists: 1 Graffiti artist for up to 20 children.
  • Cost: approximately £1, 300.00 (can vary depending on mural size).
street dance or break-dancing course

Over 6 sessions, children and young people get to learn some fantastic dance moves. We can bring a young person up from beginners’ level, through to getting quite competent. Break dancing has more difficult moves and may warrant more than six sessions. It’s worth noting that break-dance is more popular with boys, whilst street dancing often remains more popular with girls. Whatever the style, it’s a great course.

  • Length: usually 6 x 2hr sessions (weekly, or daily)
  • Artists: 1 Break or street dancer for up to 20 children.
  • Cost: approximately £1, 150.00
animation film course

There are in fact many ways to approach animation workshops. There are a range of model techniques, stop motion photography using digital cameras along with a range of specialised computer programs. Whatever way it’s done, each workshop, as with all our workshops, is tailored to your needs and objectives. It’s a great way to accomplish making a full short film.

  • Length: usually 6 x 2hr sessions (weekly, or daily)
  • Artists: 1 Animation artist for up to 20 children.
  • Cost: approximately £1, 250.00
makeup, hair and beauty course for girls

Many young girls (teenagers) when asked,  choose makeup, hair and beauty workshops as the ones they want to do most. Over the length of the course, participants get to learn about all aspects of and safe applications, in terms of teenaged skin care, makeup application with an emphasis on different styles for different occasions, hair, nails and pedicures and more. It’s our most popular course with teenage girls, and it gives them an opportunity to learn some important skills in a safe way.

  • Length: usually 6 x 2hr sessions (weekly, or daily)
  • Artists: 1 makeup & beauty practitioner / artist for up to 20 children.
  • Cost: approximately £1, 250.00
corporate quality film production and film workshops

We have previously and successfully completed a number of films for, businesses, schools and youth organisations. These include a promotional film for connexions and a raising awareness about racism film for Knowsley Council. Corporate quality films are expensive, but the results make it worthwhile. Children get to story-board, then enact and help film the piece that is then edited and completed by professionals. It’s a great course, and can be doubled as an opportunity to promote your school or organisation.

  • Length: usually 6 x 2hr sessions (weekly, or daily)
    Then editing and post production work.
  • Artists: 1 film maker and assistant
  • Cost: approximately £1, 400.00
    + £1,000.00 per minute of finished film (extra minute free if over 4 minutes long)

    So a 5 minute film after a six week course would cost around £4,400.00

    But note that there are numerous ways to achieve the successful completion of a corporate quality promotional film. We may not include workshops for example, and simply do the film, or it may involve music. For example, we did an anti-bullying theme film, that involved rapping and singing throughout (musical style).

    We have some fantastic film producers on our books, and we can offer a fantastic quality film, at a fraction of the cost of other organisations, so why not give us a try?
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